At-Home Yoga

Yoga for the busy, the quarantined, the newbie, and everyone in between

I practice what I teach.

This vinyasa is athletic and meant to build strength while increasing flexibility. I am not the most flexible yogini you have ever seen, nor can I execute a handstand without the assistance of a wall. But, I like to practice and teach a style of yoga that gives you the opportunity to explore more advanced postures, taking your practice to your next level. I often teach and practice with yoga blocks - please do not judge blocks as a crutch. We will use them for functionality, and just fun! If you do not have blocks, a low stool will suffice.

Each week you will see a variety of classes

vinyasa yoga for strength

yoga for beginners

yoga for flexibility

ashtanga yoga

prenatal yoga


The style of yoga I teach is vinyasa.  Simply put, moving with breath. A vinyasa is a movement including high plank to low plank, upward facing dog, and downward facing dog. This sequence of movements  builds strength, but also requires strength to be executed with proper alignment. This tutorial offers modifications for the vinyasa. If you are newer to yoga, I strongly suggest familiarizing yourself with these movements before participating in any at-home classes.