FODMAP Friendly Banana Pancakes

My journey with understanding and accepting food sensitivities/intolerances began last year in the midst of my skin problems. I was tested for food allergies which came up negative. I was actually hoping for a food allergy thinking that I would eliminate anything the doctors told me to just so the rash would disappear. A nutritionist suggested I do the LEAP blood test for food sensitivities. The results essentially suggested that I was sensitive to almost every vegetable, amongst many other foods. But I could eat all the scallops I wanted. I've never eaten a scallop in my life and wasn't about to start then.

At this stage of the rash, I was surely suffering from leaky gut. I was severely bloated after each meal and was already off gluten and dairy. I ate well and looked 5 months pregnant after meals. Additionally, there were rare solid stools to be spoken of. I decided to put myself on a low FODMAP diet after lots of researching and the support of my wellness professional.

The key principle of my studying at IIN - "One mans food is another mans poison."

I was eating avocado and heaps of buttery roasted sweet potatoes almost daily. I cooked so many soups with onion and garlic as first ingredients. I juiced with apples and loved dates and nuts for snacks. Asparagus and broccoli balanced many meat dishes. And since I wanted to up the good gut bacteria, I ate sauerkraut a few times per week. All of these foods are considered high and bothersome on the FODMAPS, as they easily ferment during digestion in the gut.

I felt there was nothing to lose and eliminated all of the above foods and am vigilant about maintaining a low FODMAP diet - which for me is not difficult. But, I've been missing pancakes so bad! I put together and tried this recipe this morning. The pancakes are delightful and may be a weekly breakfast staple in my household! They are FODMAP friendly, but for any pancake lover alike. Enjoy!

This recipe made 4 small pancakes. Naturally I ate them all myself :o)

1 banana

2 eggs

1/4 cup flax seeds (ground up)

1-2 teaspoons cinnamon (your preference)

1/2 teaspoon ground vanilla bean (optional - or vanilla extract)

Beat well all ingredients and put in well buttered pan to cook on med-low. If cooked too high they may get stuck to the pan.

Of course I then saturated with more Kerrygold butter and dipped into a small bowl filled with local Vermont maple syrup.

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